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Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A.

Select Products USA

With the important goal of supporting hardworking Americans and ensuring fair labor practices around the world, all Select products are 100% owned and made in the USA.

Select Products’ Vision

Our vision is to help build and grow sustainable businesses right here in the States. With a 100% USA owned and operated business, we can generate new jobs for the hardworking Americans who need them, strengthening our communities and local economies.

The last few years have been difficult for Americans, with many dedicated workers losing their jobs due to downsizing or outsourcing. With the premium materials and unmatched value of Select Products, we plan on helping communities grow by creating great jobs right here in the USA.

Select Products’ Commitment

Our commitment to serving local individuals and communities can be seen on every Select package, which proudly carries the “MADE IN USA” logo. Through the continued growth of Select products, we can help our local communities grow and achieve right along with us.